7 Breastfeeding Super Foods

7 Breastfeeding Super FoodsWhat we eat as nursing mothers is important for, not only our health, but the health of our babies.  It is so important to get all the proper nutrients so your baby has everything they need to grow and have a healthy start out in life.

These breastfeeding super foods are great to keep mama and baby healthy and will also help if you are having a low milk supply issue.

Wild Salmon (sardines are awesome too!)

    • Full of healthy omega-3 fats (essential for brain function, growth and development), protein, vitamin B12, iodine and vitamin D for healthy bones.
    • Having enough fat and protein are both important to keep up our milk supply.  I think too many women are concerned about losing the baby weight and cut out almost all fat, and then they have trouble producing enough milk.  But really the best way to lose that baby weight is to breastfeed!! So if you eat more, you will have enough milk and will actually lose weight faster!


Coconut Oil

    • Another really good fat source, coconut is high is lauric acid which has potent antiviral, antibacterial, and parasiticidal (kills parasites) properties that support the immune system for you and your baby.  These properties will pass into your milk and baby will get this good stuff too!  
    • Coconut oil is a great cooking oil.  Because of its fat composition, it is very stable and will not go rancid for at least 2 years sitting at room temperature, unlike vegetable oils and polyunsaturated oils which spoil after only a few months.  It also has a high smoke point which will keep it from oxidizing when you cook with it, which is important because we don’t want to ingest oxidized oils because this can cause damage to our cells.



    • Liver is like nature’s multivitamin, and getting our nutrients from whole foods is always superior.  It is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and is loaded with fat-soluble vitamins which are hard to obtain elsewhere.  
    • Is high in iron which is important to have enough of for mom and baby so you do not become anemic.   

Bone broth

    • Bone broth is a super healing tonic and is especially useful right after having your baby to help heal your body quickly.
    • Is a great source of minerals and gelatin (read about the amazing health benefits of gelatin), that are very highly absorbable.


Cod liver oil

    • Cod liver oil is high in vitamin A and D, which many women are deficient in.  
    • Also high in DHA and EPA, those great fats again that are super important for your baby’s brain!


Eggs (particularly the yolks)

    • Choline, choline, choline!  Studies suggest that 86% of women don’t get enough in their diet.  Choline is important for brain cell development of your baby, as well as nerve and liver function.
    • Being pregnant and breastfeeding can deplete the mother’s stores of choline because it is so important for baby.
    • Improves life long memory function and learning ability.


Brewer’s yeast 

    • Is commonly used to increase milk supply. but is also shown to help increase energy and fight off the baby blues.
    • It contains iron, protein, and B vitamins, as well as chromium, selenium and other trace minerals.
    • The chromium in it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
    • I recommend Lewis Labs Brewer’s yeast.

These are some amazing super nutrient dense foods that will be great for you and your baby if you are breastfeeding.  These are also all great to incorporate if you are pregnant as well!

Got some more breastfeeding super-food ideas?  Share them below!

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